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Alejandro Jodorowski

“My memories of the setlists are quite sporadic, although, these being my first Live Dead shows, as I heard each tune for the first time, it was if another Veil of Illusion was being removed… like stumbling upon a Burning Bush and seeing the Face of God, or walking on a beach and finding the Seashell of Buddha. Those memories are indelibly etched forever.”
 - Ron Ramsey, Electric Theatre, Chicago 11/27/68.
No audio. 

Bellarmine College, Louisville Kentucky, 12/07/68
Beautiful audio of a beautiful show, thanks Bear.  Forget the hours, whatever that means… Good advice, I’d say.  Also dig the gentle strains of the only live Rosemary (listed as “unknown” in Deadbase; this recording only came to light in 2006).  Also, never before have I thought “And We Bid You Goodnight” sounded like street-corner doo-wop.  But here it does.  This is a lovely show, if frought with some technical difficulties (which leads to some fun, if frustrated banter).  I’d recommend dialing it up while you watch the Tigers slam the Yanks.


Paul Eluard et Benjamin Péret - Collage, 1933